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Grocery Delivery -  We shop and deliver from HEB, and Wal-Mart 

There is a $50 minimum order.  {Typically this will be on average 30 items.} Delivery fee's are:  $50-100: $15, $100-150: $20, $150-250: $25,  $250-350: $35.  Anything over $350 will be 15% of the receipt price, rounded to nearest $, ex:  Groceries $425.18, delivery would be 15% of $425: $63

If you would like MOD to unpack items to both your refrigerator/freezer and pantry - $15. Items unpacked to your refrigerator/freezer only - $5. Items unpacked to your pantry only - $10.

  MOD offers additional delivery services for the options below you may add to your Grocery Delivery.  MOD will offer services for the below services without Grocery Delivery, only if 3 or more services are chosen together, ex: you need delivery for: Pharmacy, Dry Cleaning and Spanky's.

Additional Delivery Services:

Spanky's Liquor Store - $5
Dry Cleaning - $3
Pharmacy - $8
Starbucks - $5

Miscellaneous Delivery - We are located North of Corpus Christi.  We can provide miscellaneous delivery service's if needed, {subject to size of delivery and volume}, however, they are subject to a flat mileage fee as well as 25% of the receipt price, rounded to nearest $ amount.

Please check our Order and Delivery Section as well as the FAQ section for more detailed information .

More Of Our Services

  1. Pharmacy Delivery
    Do you need someone to pick up medication for you? We will pick up your medication from Pharmacies in the service area: Walgreen's, CVS, HEB, and Wal-Mart.
  2. Dry Cleaning
    Let us take the time to run by the Dry Cleaners and pick up your items for you. Local Dry Cleaners apply.
  3. Spanky's Liquor Store
    Need a few spirits from the Liquor Store. We will drop in and pick up your supplies and deliver them to your door.
  4. Starbucks
    Is your pantry low with your daily Starbucks addiction? We can help you with that.
  5. Grocery Delivery
    MOD has provided an extensive Grocery list for you to type in whatever items you need for purchase. There is a category at the top for you to specify which store you need MOD to run your Task for you. Simply type in the item, brand and amount in each category and press the submit button. It's as simple as that! Grocery Stores we will shop for you are: HEB, and Wal-Mart.

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