The Market on Demand​

You have Choices 
Online-Email-Give Us a Call
One of the exciting and unique offers MOD has for you, you have three choices in the way you may place your order with us.

1} Online

2} Email

3} Call me

Whatever is the most convenient for you, MOD wants to make our service as easy ​​​and quick as possible.

Online Ordering

MOD has provided an incredibly easy online app that works several different ways for your convenience.  I have provided a few screen shots with help at the very bottom for example, and please, contact MOD if you have any issues or questions if you choose to order this way.  Please use the form below to send MOD a confirmation message a Grocery List is complete, your delivery address, time and which Grocery store is preferred.  MOD will send a confirmation email to you confirming your order, and time of delivery.

Email Ordering

If you wish to order by Email, simply fill out the Contact Form below .  At the beginning of the list please begin with with your preferred Grocery Store,  and  delivery time and address.  When typing out your grocery items, please remember to type Item, Quantity and Type or Brand.  For example:  Red Grapes, 1/2 lb, Seedless  3 cans Biscuits, Pillsbury.  MOD will send a confirmation email to you confirming your order, and time of delivery.

Phone Ordering

You may call during normal operating business hours and MOD will take you delivery order by phone.  Please remember, we may be out on delivery and will have to take a message and return your call when we are free.

To go to our Online Grocery List
please Press 
The Button

​Please use the form below when you need to add extra services such as Pharmacy, Dry Cleaning, Spanky's, etc.  When requesting these services please remember to be specific to the submission.  In the message area for example please state:  Pharmacy: HEB   Jane Smith - Medication: XYZ     Dry Cleaning:  XYZ Dry Cleaners - 5 Items.  

Delivery Schedule

MONDAY                    10 AM - 6 PM

TUESDAY                  10 AM - 6 PM

WEDNESDAY         10 AM - 6 PM

THURSDAY              10 AM - 6 PM

FRIDAY                        10 AM - 6 PM

SATURDAY               10 AM - 6 PM


Don't Forget!

Medication's picked up...check!  Party Dress for Saturday night from the Cleaner home...check!  Favorite Cabernet to take as a party favor...check! 
Did you remember milk and bread?  It's our pleasure to serve you!  See you soon!

Examples for Ordering Online

In this first photo click on *+Create a new list*.  Below a box will open which will read *Shopping List*.  You will need to click on the 4 dots and and a pencil will appear for you to click on and edit.  Click at the end of Shopping list and type: -your name.  For example:  *Shopping list - Susan*.  Press Enter.  Go to the top right and click on the book item and a drop down list of items will appear to the right for you to click on which you will see in the second photo.  Your ready to begin your shopping list.

In this photo you now have your drop down list.  You click on each item you need for grocery delivery and it automatically adds it to your shopping list for you.  You then have one more step before your list is finished.
In the last photo of the first example, go to each item and click on the 4 dots and again, you will see a pencil which will allow you to edit the item.  Type at the end, - how many you need and the type or brand.  For example:  *Biscuits - 2 Cans Pillsbury*.  You will need to do this for each item entered.

The second way for you to set up your grocery list is in the very last photo.  You begin the same way by clicking at the top right on the + Create a new list.  Below a box opens up with Shopping list.  Click on the 4 dots and a pencil appears for you to edit.  Click on it, go to the end of list, type - your name.  For example:  *Shopping list - Susan*.  Press Enter.  Your ready to begin your shopping list.

Go to the top tab where you see +Type a new item here.  Simply type in whatever you need from the grocery store.  For example:  Biscuits:  2 Cans Pillsbury.  Then hit Enter and it will automatically add it to your Grocery List.  Continue to do this until all your items are in your List.