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Frequently ​Asked Questions

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    If I am not having you unpack my delivery do I need to be home when you deliver my items?


    Yes. Someone has to be home to receive all items ordered at the time of delivery. If alcohol or tobacco has been ordered, someone the age of 21 or over needs to be home to accept the delivery.
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    When and how do I pay for my delivery?


    You will pay for your delivery at the time of delivery. We accept all forms of payment: Cash, Check and all major Credit Cards. We will provide you a receipt of your items, as well as a receipt of payment. Please note: there will be a $45 charge for checks written with insufficient funds.
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    How do you deliver my items?


    Clean recyclable bags as well as freezer bags for cold items are used for delivery, unless items are going to be delivered straight to the door. In that case, plastic bags will be used and cold items will be kept cold in a cooler until delivery.
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    Do I have to fill out a list every time I make an order if I order the same things each time?


    No. A record will be kept under your name with your list's. You simply need to contact MOD and let you would like to place the same order. If you would like to add to it, or delete items from it, simply notify what changes you need and MOD will adjust your order and verify with you before delivery.
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    Do you unpack my items and put them away for me if I need you to?


    Yes, we offer service to unpack both pantry and refrigerator/freezer items. Or, if you only want just the pantry, or only the refrigerator/freezer items unpacked, those services are offered to you as well.
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    What if I need to cancel, change, or add to my order at the last minute?


    You may cancel or make changes to your order up to 3 hours prior to delivery via email or phone call. If you think of an item you've forgotten within this 3 hour delivery, you make contact by phone and we will try to take care of it within reason.
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    What if an item is wrong or a delivery is late?


    There is a one hour delivery window to get your items to your home. If the delivery is less than an hour late to your home you will receive a 25% discount of your delivery price. If your delivery is more than an hour late to your home you will receive a 50% discount of your delivery price. However, you still have to pay for your items. If an item purchased is incorrect, you will not be responsible for paying for the item.
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    How early do I need to order my item's and when do you purchase them?


    Orders need to be placed at least 12 hours prior so deliveries for the next day may be planned out. Groceries are purchased just prior to the hour for delivery to assure everything is fresh for you.
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    Are there other ways to place my order other than online?


    Absolutely! However you feel the most comfortable ordering is what MOD would ask for you to do. There is a contact form you may simply type in your order and submit with your delivery time and it will be emailed to MOD. MOD will confirm with you we have received it and when your delivery time is. You may also call and MOD will set up your delivery by phone the same way. Just be sure to call with your order within the 12 hour window you need your order delivered and you will receive the same excellent service as online ordering. If we are servicing other client's, we will happily take your phone number and call you as soon as we are free and take your order.
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